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This website training course aims to help you know when and how to ask, “Are you ok?” to someone you might be concerned about. We hope that this information will help you have the confidence to begin conversations with a friend who needs help ... someone who is struggling with life. We trust that this information will assist students, parents, community organizations, churches, etc.—and that, by the end of these lessons, they will be able to:

Understand and identify situations where people may not feel “ok”
·         Identify the signs that people may not be “ok”
Identify the appropriate times to ask, "Are you ok?" 

Today, many people need real-life help during tough circumstances. Whether you are a parent or student ... or simply someone who has a friend needing help, you can be a “lifeguard” for them. As a caring, compassionate relative or friend, you will be able to communicate with them and perhaps help save their life! You will spot the danger signs, realize when someone is in need, and go into action—referring them to a trained counselor or professional. Become a Lifeguard!

RU?OK Online Training Manual

Table of Contents
Lesson 1 – Recognizing the Signs
Lesson 2 – Learning to Ask R U OK?
Lesson 3 - Dealing with Depression
Lesson 4 – Resources and Help
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