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safeTALK is a 3 1/2-hour workshop that teaches people, age 15 and older, how to be suicide alert, and to help people thinking about suicide get to intervention resources that can help save their life. SafeTALK is for anyone who wants to help prevent suicide, clergy, volunteers, parents, law enforcement, teachers, sexual assault advocates, and senior center staff, for example.

Sometimes we wonder...

BUT...I am not a trained counselor; I am just a caring person.
BUT...I am worried that if I talk about suicide it will give her the wrong idea.

BUT...I am not sure where to turn for help for him.

safeTALK teaches members of the community how to recognize people with thoughts of suicide and to connect them to suicide first aid resources. This one-half day workshop developed by Living Works Education, a Canadian public service company dedicated to the prevention of suicide, typically precedes the 2-day ASIST workshop and offers a carefully crafted set of steps that makes it possible for attendees to leave the training willing and able to be suicide alert helpers.

The Youth Suicide Prevention Program supports safeTALK trainers, but the workshop does not address only youth suicide prevention. In only a few hours, attendees will learn how to...

  • provide practical help to people with thoughts of suicide.
  • be a suicide alert helper.
  • be aware that opportunities to help a person with thoughts of suicide are sometimes missed, dismissed and avoided.
  • activate a suicide alert using the TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen and Keep Safe).
  • connect people with thoughts of suicide to people trained in suicide intervention.

         Connect people with thoughts of suicide to people trained in suicide intervention


is a two day workshop that provides opportunity to learn and practice the skills necessary to become a suicide interventionist.

Click on the following link for a detailed description and demonstration of ASIST and the relationship between this resource and safeTALK to make our county a suicide safer community (www.livingworks.net).

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