RU?OK Lifeguards are students that seek to help their peers in dealing with life issues. It's youth helping youth! The club's mission is to encourage fellow students to become more active in their schools, communities and youth groups for the prevention of substance abuse, suicide and bullying. One of the most important ways to be a good friend is to help your friends when you notice something is wrong. This includes helping them get the support they need and deserve if they are experiencing a mental health condition. This might seem like a big task, but it doesn’t have to be.
Join the Team
Do you enjoy helping others? If so, this may be the place for you. Make a difference! Become a RU?OK Lifeguard at your school or in your community.
For more information on Lifeguards, contact Tony Weatherly at (734) 664-0300 or send him a message at tonyweatherly@gmail.com.
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