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  • the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc.
  • the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy
Resilience refers to the positive ways in which people respond to adversity and stressful life events. Often, oppressed communities are represented as lacking in resilience and competence. Drawing on these concepts, the leaders of our community all agree that something needs to be done to build community resilience to help curb mental illness. So, in an effort to help accomplish this, we feel that the best way to begin is to talk about it.
Remember, one conversation could change a life!
Are you ok? This one simple question could make a huge difference in the life of someone you care about. This concept should be taken to every classroom, home and business. By having the confidence to start conversations often…and with real care, one can be the motivation for transforming those who are struggling with life. Asking someone if they’re ok can help them cope with stressful situations that seem overwhelming…at school or at home. It can help a businessperson deal with imminent deadlines or the stress of disgruntled co-workers. It can help a family member overcome the crushing feelings of hopelessness, anger or depression.
In a effort to help build more community resilience, RU?OK is expanding our projects.
Buddy Bench Project

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The concept is simple: any elementary child sitting on a Buddy Bench indicates to his peers that he would like company. Whether kiddo is feeling overwhelmed, shy or just having an off day, sitting on the bench means he would like someone to talk to or play with.
Let's Talk Project

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The Let's Talk project is for people who are struggling and find it difficult to ask for help. They can talk with someone willing to offer a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.
Student Hangouts

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After school hangouts provide a safe place for students to meet with their friends, do homework and have fun. The Hangout is proving to be a great way to connect local youth in the communities and build resiliency.
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The Hangout on Wheels resiliency project utilizes a vehicle that’s equipped with car refrigerator, auto WiFi, propane mini-grill, portable PA with wireless mics, Spotify Music, and sports equipment and games. We visit parks and other areas where youth might hang out and provide snacks and a variety of resource literature.

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When we respond and the scene is secured, our staff provides mental health and substance use disorders interventions to individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis.
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