Macomb County
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Macomb County Mental Health

Calling Access Center
If you would like to receive services through Macomb County Community Mental Health, call the Access Center for a telephone screening. Call the Access Center for non-emergency mental health, developmental disability, or substance use disorder treatment services. The Access Center will help both you and MCCMH decide if you are eligible for our services, and, if so, which of our clinics or contract agencies might best help you.  Call the Access Center toll free at (855) 996-2264. You can also use our local line, (586) 948-0222.If you prefer, we will call you back at any number you give us.  This office is also equipped with telephone interpreter services for those who best use a language other than English.
Before You Call
When you call the Access Center, the staff will ask you questions that will help us decide if you are eligible for publicly provided mental health , developmental disability, or substance use disorder treatment services.  We will ask you where you live, and we will ask you to describe what is happening in your life that makes you feel you could benefit from services.  We will also ask you about your insurance and your income. Your first call may take about 20-30 minutes. Don’t worry about what you tell us - the more we know about what is happening, the better we will be able to help you.  Your calls to the Access Center are confidential.
If the situation you describe is an emergency, you will be directed to immediate help.  If the situation is not an emergency, but is one that MCCMH can help address, the staff of the Access Center will set up an appointment for you at one of our direct or contract service sites.  Your first appointment will usually be within two weeks of your call.