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Making a Difference Through "After School Hangouts"
(6) Benefits of After School Programs

After School Hangouts ... where emphasis is placed on leadership and community. The goal is for students to enjoy participating in a variety of activities, have a place where they can complete homework assignments, and simply dialogue and have fun with their friends.  RU?OK works closely with parents, teachers and school administrators to plan and provide relevant activities, free snacks, and a safe place for youth to hang out.

It is a known fact that in a local community, there is a need for young people to have a positive environment to go to when schools knocks off for the day or during the summer months. The local police have said it significantly reduces the problems of public loitering, theft and general mischief for students without supervision. Right now “after school hangouts” are proving to be a great way to connect with local youth in the communities.

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