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  • the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc.
  • the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy.
In a effort to help build more community resilience, RU?OK is expanding our projects and introducing two new ones: Let's Talk and Buddy Benches.
Let's Talk Project

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Let's Talk consists of getting peers to offer an ear to people who are suffering but are not in a position to seek professional therapy.
Buddy Bench Project

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The concept is simple: any elementary child sitting on a Buddy Bench indicates to his peers that he would like company. Whether kiddo is feeling overwhelmed, shy or just having an off day, sitting on the bench means he would like someone to talk to or play with.
Student Hangouts

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After school hangouts provide a safe place for students to meet with their friends, do homework and have fun. The Hangout is proving to be a great way to connect local youth in the communities and build resiliency.
Mobile Hangout
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The Hangout on Wheels resiliency project utilizes a vehicle that’s equipped with car refrigerator, car Wi-Fi, propane mini-grill, portable PA with wireless mics, Spotify Music, and sports equipment and games. We visit parks and other areas where youth might hang out and provide snacks and a variety of resource literature.
RU?OK for Kids

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The Kids Helping Kids website helps to inform youth that it’s important to “give back” and encourage their peers. We promote the value of kids helping kids and encourage students to look out for each another… giving moral support to their friends—an important life skill for all age groups. We urge youth to watch for signs of despair or depression in their classmates—and offer them support in getting help or finding the answers they need.
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