HELP (def) "make it easier for someone to do something by offering one's services or resources."
Are You OK, Inc (RU?OK) is a 501c3 is a support services organization based in lower Michigan. We have a mobile-friendly informational website (www.ruok.help) that lists community support resources and suicide prevention information and education which averages hundreds of visitors each week. We partner with various community organizations, churches, colleges and school systems to meet the needs of our neighborhoods and promote community resiliency. RU?OK operates on the Friendship Therapy concept which promotes friends helping friends, kids helping kids, resiliency friendship projects, and providing student hangouts where friends can assemble and develop social skills.
Our Services:


  • We are beginning our seventh year of operation.
  • There were over 10,000 visitors to our website last year.
  • We have printed and distributed over 20,000 pieces of suicide prevention literature.
  • Our online training course is utilized by various schools and students in our area.


Robin Batten
Council for Children
Tony Weatherly
Oxygen Youth
Linda Weatherly
Oxygen Youth
Erin Radtka
Van Buren Public Schools
Kathy Arnold
Family Crisis Center
Rhonda Overman
Sumpter Township Police
RU?OK is sponsored by the community, staffed by volunteers, and financially supported by donations. We operate on a small budget and have a very low overhead, which allows us to spend most of our revenue on suicide awareness literature and publicity. If you would like to financially support this cause and help create a suicide-safer community, please contact us.
Email: mail@ruok.help
Info Line: (734) 664-0300

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